• Frey's syndrome: A review of the physiology and possible role of neurotrophic factors.

      Judd, Owen
      OBJECTIVES: Frey's syndrome (FS) describes the phenomenon of gustatory sweating and is a cause of significant social embarrassment for sufferers. It has been attributed to aberrant growth of parasympathetic salivatory fibers in the auriculotemporal nerve toward overlying sweat glands. However, the exact mechanism behind this growth is unknown. This review aims to expand and elucidate the theory of aberrant regeneration in FS. METHODS: A review of the recent literature on nerve regeneration was conducted in order develop further insights into the etiology of both adult onset and pediatric FS. RESULTS: Neurturin, a neurotrophic factor released by both salivary and sweat glands, was identified as a possible key player in the etiology of FS. CONCLUSION: Further research into the role of neurturin could help to elucidate the pathogenic mechanisms underlying the condition and might reveal neurturin to be a potential target for pharmacological intervention. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE: NA (Basic Science Review).