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  • A clinical evaluation of Algivon® Plus manuka honey dressings for chronic wounds.

    Reynolds, Tim (2017-11)
    This study reviews the literature on manuka honey and presents the results of an evaluation of Algivon® Plus with 100% medical grade manuka honey with a superabsorbent, secondary (Eclypse®) or foam dressing. Data were collected on the frequency of dressing changes and the products used. Dressing changes were performed by the tissue viability nurse consultant on days 1, 7, 14, 28, 35, 42, 49 and 56. Inpatient dressing assessments were performed twice weekly. Patients discharged to the community were assessed every Monday. The TIME framework was used to assess periwound skin, maceration, dermatitis and inflammation. All wounds were photographed. The volume, colour and odour of exudate were recorded using Likerttype scales and the wound pH was measured. Patient outcomes measured were pain, sleep, exudate odour and impact on quality of life. Following the use of Algivon® Plus, debridement to a clean wound bed generally occurred by day 7, with healing starting from day 14. The pH of the wound tissue was found to relate to the tissue type present. Patients slept for longer and were less affected by exudate and its associated odour as the study progressed. The dressings used were endorsed by best practice and resulted in positive clinical outcomes of healing or progression to healing.