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  • Velcro compression wraps as an alternative form of compression therapy for venous leg ulcers: a review

    Cox, Amy
    The first-line treatment for venous leg ulcers (VLUs) is compression therapy, most commonly, with compression bandages. A similar treatment measure is used for lymphoedema in the form of Velcro compression wraps (VCWs). However, the use of VCWs for VLUs is less evident, and a direct comparison to compression bandaging is not evident. This review explores the evidence to support the use of VCWs for the treatment of VLUs in order to raise awareness of alternative forms of compression therapy. Nine primary research studies were analysed, from which four key themes emerged: quality of life, cost of treatment, ulcer healing time and pressure maintenance. The findings suggest that VCWs decrease material costs by at least 50%, and further savings may be realised by reducing the costs associated with nursing time. The benefits of promoting self-care, maintaining compression, and eliciting greater healing rates are clearly evident, and the impact on quality of life is substantiated.