• Implementing clinical guidelines into practice: The Osteoarthritis Self-management and Independent-living Support (OASIS) group-A service evaluation.

      Roberts, S; Busby, E (2020-04)
      INTRODUCTION: Arthritis is a common diagnosis for people presenting to healthcare reporting joint pain and stiffness. It is estimated that around 10 million people in the United Kingdom are thought to have arthritis. National Guidance states that patients with osteoarthritis should be offered three core treatments: information, exercise and weight loss advice. The Osteoarthritis Self-management and Independent-living Support (OASIS) group is a programme of progressive exercise and educational advice. METHODS: This service evaluation was to determine if the OASIS group was improving functional and reported pain-level outcomes of patients with lower limb osteoarthritis between 2016 and 2018. Routinely collected data were analysed to determine its effects on a number of functional and self-reported outcomes. Ethical approval was not required following local National Health Service (NHS) Trust approval (Reference e2020-08). RESULTS: During the 3-year period of the review between 2016 and 2018, a total of 339 patients were invited to attend the OASIS group. A total of 196 (57.8%) patients improved their overall pain score. Of the patients who attended all six sessions, 96.7% (174) improved in at least one of the functional outcome measures, and 90% (162) improved in at least two functional outcomes. CONCLUSION: On evaluation of the OASIS group, it has shown to be effective at improving pain and functional performance of patients with lower limb osteoarthritis, whilst remaining cost-effective. In comparison with other similar initiatives, the results are comparable, and it is implemented over a shorter time period, enhancing the cost-effectiveness for the NHS.