Recent Submissions

  • Development of a Pathway for Returning To Driving After A Stroke in Derby

    Bates, Laura; Bartram, Anna; Richardson, Andy; Bullock, Suzie; Clements, Karen; Whiteman, Elizabeth; Fletcher, Kim (2019)
  • The intrauterine device and the intrauterine system

    Searle, Stephen (2014-08)
    Intrauterine contraception is used by about 100 million women worldwide, making it the most popular form of fertility regulation. In UK community contraception clinics, however, long-acting reversible contraception has increased to 28% of users, and intrauterine contraception accounts for only 8% of methods used by women accessing these services. Potential exists to increase uptake of these more effective methods. In this chapter, we review the clinical advantages, disadvantages and cost-effectiveness of intrauterine contraception. We discuss the management of complications along with advice for trainers, and briefly consider issues in developing countries.